Inquiry Based Assessment

Here is where the bulk of my work will be focused on. As I pursue the Ph.D. from LSU, my thesis will begin on ways to practically and authentically assess inquiry-based teaching strategies. Yes, full essays are obviously an option but is there a better option?  I believe there is. Although the process and strategies are in the developmental stages, what it will be is this. It will be an authentic measurement of the students understanding of the concept applied. It will be practical, meaning that teachers who are already pressured with time constraints and side jobs that use to be an option to the teaching profession will be able to implement this assessment whenever they need and it will represent an efficient way to gauge student learning. If you want to know more or even have suggestions, you are welcome to leave a comment below. Feel free to check out the C3 Framework for yourself by clicking the link to the downloadable book, and visit for more information.